Robert A. Bruckner, BCH

Board Certified Hypnotist

Phone: (973) 370 - 2100

Academic Hypnosis Counseling

Major Mindset Hypnosis specializes in Academic Hypnosis for children, teens and adults. Yes, you can be hypnotized to learn more in less time. Major Mindset Hypnosis makes learning easier, no matter whether you love the subject, or not. Achieve more, eliminate test anxiety, acquire better and more efficient study skills, overcome attention difficulties and other learning challenges or learning disabilities with special and proprietary Major Mindset hypnotic techniques for highly efficient and effective learning. Major Mindset Academic Hypnosis removes negative imprints from your subconscious, making it possible for you to experience unlimited academic success. Enjoy a free phone consultation with Board Certified Hypnotist Robert Bruckner. See how easily and effortlessly you or your child or teen can begin to improve…

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Lose Weight or Stop Smoking

Get on the fast track to stop smoking or lose weight with the Major Mindset Hypnosis 1-2-3 streamlined hypnosis program. Overcome common obstacles to personal success with respect to weight loss and smoking cessation through this streamlined direct suggestion hypnosis program. Get started for just $99 and your success is guaranteed!* Call Major Mindset Hypnosis at (973) 370-2100 for program details and to see if you qualify. Lose Weight, Stop Smoking Hypnosis. Guaranteed Results! Tired of "trying to lose weight?" Tired of "trying to stop smoking?" Get beyond what is holding you back using your own subconscious thoughts and feelings. Major Mindset Hypnosis 1-2-3 uses simple direct suggestion hypnosis for your subconscious. What you want on the conscious level is…

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Headache & Migraine Relief

Make your headache or migraine just go away with special hypnotic techniques from Major Mindset Hypnosis. In fact, you can even prevent these demons from coming on in the first place! The power to stop the headaches and migraines or greatly reduce their effect on your life is within you. You control the pain and how you deal with it. When you learn Major Mindset Hypnosis hypnotic techniques you can dial back your headache or migraine pain. This is great for Pain Relief Hypnosis -- Headaches, Migraines, Back Pain, Neck & Shoulder Pain & other pain. Get relief through Major Mindset Hypnosis coping mechanisms. Stop the pain naturally, but follow the advice and take the medication prescribed by your doctor.…

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Hypnosis for Baseball Players

They say that baseball is a game of nerves. Often, it can be thought of as a game of “who blinks first.” The game that is played over the “lazy days of summer” is one that is near and dear to so many, today’s player’s as well as those who played many, many years ago. The game has evolved. The pitches are faster, the bats are made more precise and in order to be at your best, you need to practice. You need to see how you need to be in the batters box, on the mound, on the bases and in the field. Today, with Major Mindset Hypnosis, you can up your game with a virutal or hypnotic practice.…

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Improve Grades & Test Scores with Major Mindset Hypnosis-Counseling

Ready for better grades and test scores? Tired of studying the same material over and over again without making substantial progress? Major Mindset Hypnosis-Counseling can make any student successful. It's not about how long you spend studying but how well you are prepared for your assessments. Improving your grades and test scores can happen overnight! Major Mindset Hypnosis-Counseling travels to your subconscious mind to remove negative stains and create the right personal environment for learning, known as your mindset. In three or fewer short Major Mindset Hypnosis-Counseling sessions, you will acquire coping mechanisms for sustained academic attention for more thorough studying. You will learn how to take both written and mental notes. You will take ownership of a unique combination…

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