Academic Hypnosis

Tutoring and Hypnosis, Perfect Together

Better Grades, Better Focus

Tutoring for the conscious mind and Hypnosis for the subconscious. It’s a winning combination and your child can take advantage of excellent tutoring from certified teachers and expert hypnosis from Board Certified Hypnotist Robert Bruckner, a leader in the area of academic hypnosis. Improve grades, spirits and character with a fresh start from Major Mindset Hypnosis and new study habits and academic support from Major Mindset Tutoring. Remove all those stumbling blocks and see how great it feels. Be the best student ever with Major Mindset Hypnosis. Major Mindset offers hypnosis, tutoring and test prep services to students of all grades and ability levels.

Major Mindset offers tutoring services for reading, math, science, social studies at the elementary, middle and high school level. Our tutors help students of all ability levels and interests. Academic hypnosis improves concentration, focus, ability and attitude. When academic hypnosis and tutoring are combined together, students benefit with high achievement as they benefit from both know-how and self-confidence. Experience the best of hypnosis and tutoring with Major Mindset Hypnosis and Tutoring.

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Take a Quantum Learning Leap with Major Mindset Hypno-Tutoring

Hypnotist Robert Bruckner may be the only Hypno-Tutor in the world! But, in actuality, all great teachers are great hypnotists!  Remember the teacher who teaches by telling stories or other tales that capture your imagination? That’s hypnosis! Remember, having to write your times tables over and over again until you remember them? That’s hypnosis! When we do things repeatedly so that they become second nature, we develop imprints on our subconscious minds. These imprints lead to automatic responses or responses we make without any thinking at all! And, when we do that, we are truly in hypnosis. Our subconscious has us do the same way it has us breathe and keeps our hearts beating. It’s automatic. With Major Mindset Hypno-Tutoring, learning can be just as easy, just as automatic.

Imagine having your personal teacher and hypnotist make learning easy for you by heightening your subconscious’ awareness of what it is that you wish to learn. Wouldn’t it be nice for everything to be learned the way you like it to be learned? Would it not be great for you to pass your tests with ease and earn excellent grades? Wouldn’t it be great to learn more and study less? This all could be true for you with Major Mindset Hypno-Tutoring.

Major Mindset Hypno-Tutoring can help with nearly all subjects and all grades from kindergarten right through graduate school! Take a quantum learning leap with Major Mindset Hypnosis. It works with all learners even those with learning challenges.  Hypnotist Robert Bruckner will make it easy for you to learn and will create specific triggers to bring you into your personal Major Mindset Learning Zone. Once in your Major Mindset Learning Zone, you will be able to focus and concentrate more easily and you will become more productive. Everyone enters the Major Mindset Learning Zone differently. Working with Hypnotist Robert Bruckner, you will find ways to enter the Major Mindset Learning Zone to complete your assignments perfectly and with great satisfaction. Take a quantum learning leap with Major Mindset Hypno-Tutoring and see how you can learn more and study less.