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Major Mindset Tutoring -- Get into the Learning Zone

Specialized Tutoring for High Achievement — Learn Regardless of the Teaching Style

Your child can learn regardless of the teaching style. Major Mindset Hypnosis & Tutoring will show your child how he or she can learn regardless of the teaching style. Make all subjects, concepts and skills easy with Major Mindset Tutoring. Even if your child has learning challenges, Major Mindset Hypnosis & Tutoring can help. Your child or teen will learn skills like reading comprehension, critical thinking skills, writing skills and more. Your child or teen will learn subject area content in Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and other subjects. Learning does not have to be difficult. With Major Mindset Hypnosis and Tutoring, your child will love to learn and will experience more confidence during his school day. Major Mindset Hypnosis & Tutoring trains your child to learn effectively. We can show your son or daughter how to get into his or her very own Learning Zone for academic success. We help children and teens of all ages, even college students.

Get into your Learning Zone. Everyone has one. Do you know where yours is? If you need help finding it, Major Mindset Hypnosis will help you. When we are in our Learning Zone we don’t have to study – we just learn by connecting the experiences that we have collected. Some people call this kind of learning “a no brainer.” Many students learn more by doing, rather than listening or watching. These are all learning styles. Everyone has a preferred or dominant learning style and can find it difficult to learn in non-preferred ways. So, when a teacher uses words when the student needs pictures, there is a disconnect and learning becomes more of a challenge. Through Major Mindset Hypnosis, you will recognize and be able to learn well even if your teacher does not teach to your preferred learning style.

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Easily Discover Connections

Learning involves collecting information and discovering connections. Our “study” is simply a formal application of this process. Interference comes when we inhibit this process by worrying, feeling anxious or nervous, or simply wanting to focus our attention elsewhere. Through Major Mindset Hypnosis, you will enter and leave your Learning Zone as you please. But, each time you enter, your learning zone you will maximize your learning and find it more easy to focus and more difficult to become distracted. You can learn how to do this, regardless of your age and your academic abilities

Handling Unexpected & Unanticipated Challenges

Life sometimes brings us surprises. Some surprises are because we focus on the things we want rather than on the people we love or the things we have. Sometimes, we lose focus because we are scared of where we might end up. So, what do we do, we procrastinate. We refuse to go to the learning zone because we are scared of what the future might bring. We want a different path, so says the subconscious. We want a different way and no amount of education is going to resolve these issues because the conscious does not understand them.

Explore Your Subconscious & Become A Better Learner

Through Major Mindset Hypnosis, you will get into the learning zone because we will explore your subconscious and allow you to fall in love with your passion and become the future that you love. Sometimes we need to know who we are before we can set goals, achieve dreams, plan a future, become satisfied with ourselves and our path. You don’t have to know where you are going when you walk on a path when you know what is inside you and who you can count on to help you find your way. Let’s explore together with Major Mindset Hypnosis.