Academic Hypnosis

Academic Hypnosis

Hypnosis makes it easy to improve school grades.  Improve your child’s attitude and behavior as well with Major Mindset Hypnosis. See your child or teen experience academic success and a much better attitude with respect to school. Now you can end the frustration over homework and grades when you remove the negative imprints from your child’s subconscious mind. Negative imprints don’t always make sense to the conscious mind, especially the conscious mind of others like well intentioned parents, relatives and teachers. But, these negative imprints do stain the subconscious and can definitely inhibit learning in both children and even in adults. This happens without anyone realizing it and may manifest itself long after the negative imprint is placed on the subconscious. Now you can remove these negative imprints and give your child a fresh start for academic success by removing whatever was making learning difficult or unpleasant. With Major Mindset Hypnosis, your child can rebound from negative imprints and realize academic success. Major Mindset Hypnosis helps children and adults to learn more, earn better grades and have brighter school days. Achieve More and Be Your Best with Major Mindset Academic Hypnosis. Call us today at (973) 370-2100 for a free phone consultation.

Better Focus with No Meds

A Fresh Approach to Attention & Concentration Concerns

Just because your child has difficulty concentrating or focusing in school, does not always mean that he or she must take medicine. While medication may be necessary for some children, others may find it easy to learn coping strategies and techniques through Major Mindset Hypnosis. Only your doctor can say whether your child should or should not be taking medication. And, only, you the parent, can say whether or not you wish to seek hypnosis — a natural solution. Medication alters the chemicals within the brain and could very well have long-term side effects. Hypnosis is entirely natural and involves self-regulation, coping mechanisms or skills and other natural techniques to help children and teens pay attention. Major Mindset builds cognitive skills, improves attitude and behavior and provides guidance with respect to parenting skills.

Special Needs & Hypnosis

Learning in school doesn’t have to be a struggle. End the frustration by applying hypnotic techniques and new learning methods from Major Mindset Hypnosis and Major Mindset Tutoring.  With Major Mindset Hypnosis and Tutoring, your child learns new skills for learning  and hypnotic techniques to overcome learning challenge due to attention, focus, concentration, or processing problems. Resolve your child’s academic challenges naturally and see how your child will really enjoy his or her school day.

Eliminate Test Anxiety

Go from Test Anxiety to Test Confidence with Major Mindset Hypnosis. If you have nervous or anxious feelings about tests and quizzes, become a more confident test taker with Major Mindset Hypnosis. Your study habits may not be causing your anxious or nervous feelings. Your understanding of the material may not be the cause of your roadblock either. Overcome your challenge through Major Mindset Hypnosis and get the grade you deserve on your next test.

Find Your Learning Zone

Find your Learning Zone! Everyone has one. Where is yours?  In the “old days,” they sometimes called it “the thinking cap.” Today, it may be called lots of other things. At Major Mindset, we don’t think of it as a cap or something that you wear. Instead, we think of it as a special place where you would go when you are set to learn. And, quite honestly, we are always learning, whether we like it or not. Therefore, we really don’t need a special “thinking cap” because we are always thinking and we are always learning!

When we are in our Learning Zone we don’t study – we just learn by connecting the experiences that we have collected. Many students learn more by doing, rather than listening or watching. These are all learning styles. Everyone has a preferred or dominant learning style and can find it difficult to learn in non-preferred ways. So, when a teacher uses words when the student needs pictures, there can be a disconnect and learning becomes more challenging for the student, no matter what the age, grade, or subject. Enter your learning zone with the help of Major Mindset Hypnosis. Learn how to match your preferred learning style to your teacher’s teaching style and more. See how you can learn well from many different teaching styles, even the ones that you least like. Become a better student and expand your learning zone with Major Mindset Hypnosis and Major Mindset Tutoring.

Major Mindset Tutoring

Build academic skills and improve your grades with Major Mindset Tutoring. Score well on your college entrance exam with expert SAT or ACT preparation. Today, an excellent education requires “school smarts” for navigating the academic, athletic and extra-curricular aspects of your school day.

Take a giant leap forward towards your academic goals with Major Mindset Tutoring and Test Prep. Academic strength comes from great grades and a great attitude. With Major Mindset Tutoring and Test Prep, you will find that you learn more and study less because you are well prepared for class, tests, quizzes, assignments and all academic assessments. With Major Mindset Tutoring and Test Prep you will build your academic knowledge and self-confidence because we teach academic skills and content knowledge.