About Major Mindset Hypnosis

About Major Mindset

Results — Not Therapy!

Major Mindset Hypnosis resolves issues quickly. As a hypnotist and not a psychologist, I won’t tell you what you ought to do or how you should live your life. Instead, I will show you how to use the power of your subconscious mind to achieve your goals and feel better. With Major Mindset Hypnosis, you seize the opportunities, become more true to your feelings and make important, life altering changes to improve your life exponentially. Hypnosis Quickly Resolves Issues. You Get Results, Not Therapy.

Major Mindset Hypnosis helps adults, teens and children of all ages resolve concerns quickly. It is not psychology. It is not social work. It is hypnosis. What this means is that we deal with your issues without making judgments and we do not tell you what you ought to do. Major Mindset Hypnosis brings about the change that you want, using your very own thoughts and feelings. In hypnosis, your subconscious speaks and your conscious mind shuts up. Then, when your subconscious mind is on board with your conscious desires, we step aside and let you take it from there. It’s your life, it’s your mind. In hypnosis, the hypnotist guides you in to your subconscious and helps you make the important changes that you wish. It is all about helping you get what you want, feel better about who you are and allowing you to live the life that you desire.

Experience great results with Major Mindset Hypnosis.

canstockphoto10630976Whether you wish to stop smoking, lose weight, tackle another bad habit or address an issue, concern or trouble, let Major Mindset Hypnosis guide you on a journey to your subconscious where the resolution to your concern will come into focus and allow you to make important changes in your life. It’s not therapy. It’s Major Mindset Hypnosis. Through Major Mindset Hypnosis, your conscious mind goes to sleep or becomes distracted so that the hypnotist can speak to your subconscious mind, get to the root of the problem and allow your subconscious to resolve the issue or issues. You will achieve your goal when your subconscious gets onboard with what your conscious mind really wants.

Hypnosis is all about what you really, really want for yourself.  So, why is it that we find it so difficult to lose weight or stop smoking? How come we do the same stressful tasks over and over again? Consciously, you don’t know what is holding you back or stopping you from achieving your goals and objectives. But, your subconscious does. Hypnosis facilitates change on the subconscious level. Through hypnosis we become aware of what is happening to us on the subconscious level and then take steps to modify our thinking so that we can achieve our goals, break a bad habit, realize our dreams and live our lives the way we design them.  Major Mindset unlocks that power so that you can change and live your life exactly the way you design it! Design your life with Major Mindset Hypnosis. 

Major Mindset Hypnosis is located at 124 Little Falls Road, Fairfield, New Jersey, 07004. The company is owned and operated by Hypnotist Robert A. Bruckner, a Board Certified Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists and a Certified Master Hypnotist with the International Association of Counselors & Therapists (IACT). Hypnotist Robert Bruckner has also been approved by the American Board of Hypnotist Examiners and is Certified in Clinical Pediatric Hypnosis, Sports Hypnosis and Pain Management Hypnosis.

With Major Mindset Hypnosis, YOU ARE EMPOWERED, not the hypnotist! What’s more, there are no psychologists telling you what you should do. This is about YOUR THOUGHTS, YOUR FEELINGS. And, most importantly, this is about GETTING YOU WHAT YOU WANT. 

You are always in charge. After all, the thoughts are yours! We just show you how to harness your own mind to bring about the changes that YOU want. While we would never encourage you to do something illegal, unethical or that a reasonable person would believe is not in your best interest, we don’t typically make judgments. Instead, Major Mindset Hypnosis will show you how you can “move your mental mountain” and achieve the results you desire. You, yourself, will make the major improvements in your life. There’s never any strong talk.

Hypnosis is a time for the hypnotist to speak to your subconscious and help you get the results you desire. It is nothing more, nothing less. Through Major Mindset Hypnosis you will learn to leverage your own thoughts to bring about the changes YOU want, not that of a silly psychologist. Contrary to psychological and psychiatric providers, hypnotists help you make up your own mind and give you the power shape your own Major Mindset. You and you alone control your thoughts. Your hypnotist doesn’t tell you what to do! You make up your own mind. Your hypnotist simply shows you how YOU can get what YOU want. You will learn what is holding you back, if you don’t know it already. But, most importantly, you will be able to make the changes that you need, yourself!

Change is never easy, even when it is positive. Doing something one way and now wanting to do it a totally different way or not at all is a challenge. When you want to improve performance for a sport, break or form a habit, focus better, improve relationships or just become less stressed, Major Mindset Hypnosis can give you the tools to harness your subconscious thoughts and bring you the positive change you seek. The telephone consultation is free. Please call Hypnotist Robert Bruckner at Major Mindset Hypnosis — (973) 370-2100 today.