Teen Counseling

Feel Better with Major Mindset Hypno-Counseling

Teen Counseling with Hypnosis makes you feel great and helps you to move forward when everything appears to be going all wrong. Hypno-counseling is about you talking and someone else listening and understanding where you are coming from. Your feelings matter. And sometimes, it is very, very hard to find the words to express the feelings inside. Sometimes, the feelings run so deep, that nothing can get better until they come out in the open. With Hypno-Counseling we look at how you feel AND what you say. Together, we work through difficult or troubling situations on a subconscious level, to bring about the change you truly need and want.

Major Mindset Hypnosis can help you to feel better and discover your greatness. Your feelings matter. When you work with Hypnotist Robert Bruckner, what you say, what you say other’s say is important. But, nothing that is being said what happens doinIt’s about listening to what you say on the conscious level, understanding what is going on, according to your conscious mind AND finding out what is really happening, what you are really feeling on a subconscious level. Major Mindset Hypnosis can help you to improve relationships with boyfriends/girlfriends, siblings, parents, step-parents, teachers, relatives and most other relationships. With Major Mindset Hypnosis, your feelings about who you are and how you would love to live your life can be explored and positive suggestions can be made in hypnosis that can lead you to your goal. With Major Mindset Hypnosis, you can improve your life in many, many ways and with very little effort. Your subconscious mind is the key to your success. So, discover whatever is holding you back with Major Mindset Hypnosis.

Academic Counseling

Improve Your School Day with Major Mindset Hypnosis

Frustrated with school? Not sure how to improve your grades, make friends, deal with certain situations? With Major Mindset Academic Hypnosis you can change your feelings about your school and make things go right with the power of your own subconscious mind. There’s no reason to spoil your school day with negative thoughts or feelings. If school is causing more trouble than good, together we can make it a much better place. But, why is this so hard to do? It is hard because you don’t really know what is bothering you. Sure, you find a subject difficult. Sure, you can’t stand a certain teacher or college professor. But, why? The answer to these questions is deep within your subconscious. Now, you can discover it with Major Mindset Hypnosis and turn the page on what has been bothering you for so long. By now, you should be smiling! Because now, with a phone call to Major Mindset Hypnosis, school can no longer get you down in the dumps. No longer will you be dreading your school day. School can now be a great experience. Explore what is bothering you, be it your school, relationship, parent, sibling or something totally different with Board Certified Hypnotist Robert Bruckner. Release the negativity from within yourself, be the student, the student athlete, the person that you wish to be. It is all possible with Major Mindset Hypnosis. Be Your Best with Major Mindset Hypnosis.