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Go Banana's! New Monkey Diet

 The Monkey Diet Weight Loss without Willpower Hypnosis Program from Major Mindset Hypnosis is brand new. And, you lose weight cause you are eating well in your very own rainforest. You will go ape over all the fruits and vegetables that you can eat on the new Monkey Diet. When you enter your hypnotic rainforest, you will find everything you love is nutritious and healthy. You will eat well and stay well, making your body feel fabulous with each and every meal in your very own nutritious rainforest.

Swing from the trees, eat the fruits, the fresh veggies, enjoy your habitat with the Monkey Diet from Rainforest Weight Loss Systems at Major Mindset Hypnosis. You can lose weight with Major Mindset Hypnosis. This is the only Major Mindset Diet. If you are ready to lose weight, this is the ONLY diet you will ever need. You just can’t be hungry on the Monkey Diet. And, you just can’t over eat in the rainforest. Instead, you eat fruits and veggies all day long and hang out in the trees with fresh bananas, excellent natural protein and some great protein that only grows in the rainforest. Lose Weight Hypnosis — You’ll go ape for the Monkey Diet. There’s so much food to eat, you will never go hungry again!

35502967_mThis magical journey begins in your subconscious mind, first freeing yourself of stress, tension and pain. You explore your life as it is today before taking a giant leap into the rainforest where you see yourself as you wish to become. It’s all done in hypnosis. While in hypnosis you will choose the Monkey Diet and the resources that you need to bring about the weight loss su ccess you need. The rainforest has all the resources that you need for weight loss success. But, resources are limited, so you will only be able to choose three resources at a time. You will select these resources and work with them while in hypnosis. These resources will totally transform you and bring about weight loss success and great feelings as a result.

The program works by building confidence, self-esteem and the circumstances that your subconscious needs to bring about weight loss success. The focus is not on diets or exercise. Instead, the focus is on your needs and why you are eating incorrectly. Instead of focusing on why be thin, in other words, Major Mindset shows you how to reverse being overweight. It is a totally different approach that results in you first changing how you feel and then changing how you look. The Monkey Diet gets you out of your cave and into the trees, eating right all the time and feeling great just being yourself. It’s time to go bananas with the Monkey Diet from Major Mindset Hypnosis. Stay tuned for more information on this particular program that’s coming to Major Mindset in the Spring of 2016. For more information on the pilot program, contact Hypnotist Robert Bruckner at Major Mindset Hypnosis (973) 370-2100 or get in touch by using the form on this page.