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Hypnosis for Wrestler Training

Sports Hypnosis-Counseling for Wrestlers of All Levels

Wrestle Like You Mean it!

Awaken Your Subconscious with Sports Hypnosis. Wrestle with More Passion than Ever!

It is easy to lose your wrestling matches and very difficult to win them. Even with the best coaches, the best workout and the best mental prep, you can’t win without your subconscious making it happen. You have to wrestle like you mean it. You have to be strong, powerful and be able to think quickly and wrestle with courage and skill. No matter how well prepared you are for the physical match up, your personal self-talk and attitude effects your wrestling behavior.

Ultimately, you win or lose by how well you are both mentally and physically prepared for your match. Making the most of your time on the mat means that you are totally prepared both mentally and physically for your match. What ideas are going on in your head? How do you really feel about your opponent? Are you intimidated by his physique, wrestling record, his demeanor? How well do you feel about your own physique, wrestling record and demeanor? Are you wrestling for you or for someone else? Internalize what is really important to you and give your best effort when you eliminate negative subconscious thoughts and feelings and get your subconscious truly onboard with you winning, conscious desires.

Wrestling requires skill. Skill requires thought. Thought requires feeling. Feelings require both your body and your passion for being your best both on and off the wrestling mat. Strengthen your body, mind, toughen your heart and wrestle with all your soul and might when you combine all of what you want with all of who you really are deep inside. And, you can do it, no matter if you wrestle in a youth league, high school, college or even wrestling camp. The first rule is to believe in yourself. The second rule is to acquire the skills and mental mindset to make it happen. Major Mindset Sports Hypnosis gets you to where you want to be both physically and mentally.

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Physical & Mental Strength Training for Wrestlers

Destroy Your Competition with Advanced Hypnotic Prep to Strengthen Your Mind & Body

Wrestlers need to work out smart and prepare themselves for their match. There’s no one who can truly help you on the mat, except yourself. What you do before your match counts. What you do to prepare on a regular basis will determine whether you are a winner or a loser. And, it hurts when you lose and feels awesome when you win. Now you can out-wrestle your competition and improve your wrestling record, self-confidence and winning spirit. Yeah, you’ve got something to prove — prove that you are a winner with everything you do to prepare for your match and how you lick your wounds should you lose.

Major Mindset Sports Hypnosis makes you a winner by turning each loss into a virtual win as you learn from your mistakes in hypnosis. Through Major Mindset Sports Hypnosis, you revisit your losses and turn them into virtual wins. You recover from your mistakes and upgrade your wrestling skills in hypnosis. After all, you know how to wrestle well. You are strong and you can get stronger and wrestle better than ever before. Through Major Mindset Sports Hypnosis, you will upgrade your skills and wrestle better than ever.

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