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Overcome Dyslexia

Easily Overcome Dyslexia with Major Mindset Hypnosis-Counseling

Overcome Dyslexia with Special Hypnotic Techniques

Hypnotic Coping Mechanisms and Strategies for Dyslexia. — Do the letter fly around and play tricks on you? Well, Major Mindset Hypnosis can show you a couple of hypnotic techniques to make reading easier and more fun. It’s frustrating to have reading challenges. But, be frustrated no more. Major Mindset Hypnosis-Counseling for Academics has special techniques that helps most students read better and faster with excellent comprehension.

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Hypno-Tutoring for Children with Dyslexia & Reading Challenges

The Power of Hypnosis Combined with Phonics & Reading Comprehension Study

Major Mindset Hypnosis-Counseling combines Waking-State Hypnosis, Orton-Gillingham Phonics and a solid reading comprehension strategy to help students with Dyslexia and other reading challenges. Our approach removes negative imprints and gives students a fresh start with decoding and reading comprehension while addressing developmental delays, critical thinking difficulties and many other school day or personal challenges.