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Sports Hypnosis for Athletes of All Ages & Levels of Play

Improve Your Mental Game, Strength, Confidence & Play through Major Mindset Sports Hypnosis-Counseling

Sports Hypnosis for Soccer Players

Mental Strength Training PLUS Skill Building with Sports Hypnosis-Counseling

Are you a soccer player? Are you really a soccer player? Then, let’s up your game with Major Mindset Sports Hypnosis-Counseling. Let’s redefine how you play by changing your game-day outlook, your practice routine and how you are going about improving your strength, endurance and stamina for soccer. Whether you are a youth league, middle school, high school, collegiate, semi-professional or professional athlete, Major Mindset Sports Hypnosis-Counseling will challenge you to be your absolute best for both practice and play. So get…

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Sports Hypnosis for Women's Basketball

Improve Mental Game & Performance for Women's Basketball

There’s a lot that goes into playing basketball well. And, when you ramp up your mental game, your physical game gets elevated too! Major Mindset Sports Hypnosis is dynamite for helping young female athletes realize their true game potential. You know the physical drills, now learn the mental drills and a fun and exciting way to improve your daily routine, practice and actual basketball game. This is coaching for your inner game. It works with your feelings and subconscious mind…

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Sports Hypnosis for Men's Basketball Players

Mental Prep, Better Workout & Training with Sports Hypnosis

Be at the top of your game. Make those shots with poise and confidence when you add strength training and a new and improved workout routine that starts with upping your mental game with Major Mindset Hypnosis. With Major Mindset Hypnosis you see yourself making the shots, being the strongest defender ever, playing your game the way you know it best, scoring and winning. It is easy when you make your future happen with Major Mindset Hypnosis for Sports.

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Sports Hypnosis for Baseball Players

From Little Leaguer to Major Leaguer,Improve Your Game with Major Mindset Sports Hypnosis

From Little Leaguer to Major Leaguer and every baseball player in between, sports hypnosis for baseball from Major Mindset Hypnosis-Counseling can raise your game to the next level of play. See your game differently and improve your baseball skills with the Major Mindset  Virtual Batting Cage, Virtual Pitching Mound and our Virtual Game-Day Simulator to replay a game of your choice in Major Mindset Hypnosis.

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Sports Hypnosis for Football Players

Run Your Plays & Your Strength Training Routine in Hypnosis

Live your football dream and experience greatness through your personal best efforts. Major Mindset Sports Hypnosis may be the key to bringing out the very best in your football game. Utilize virtual simulators and learn from mistakes by revisiting entire games or key plays in Major Mindset Sports Hypnosis. Improve your game exponentially through more intuitive football moves and plays. Explore your greatness with Major Mindset Sports Hypnosis.

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Sports Hypnosis for Wrestlers

Youth, Middle School, High School & Collegiate Wrestling

Get ready for your next wrestling match with Major Mindset Sports Hypnosis and be on your way to an amazing wrestling season. Put yourself in the right mindset and upgrade your wrestling skills to make being undefeated totally possible. Regulate your balance and improve your ability to set the tone of your match. Take charge and win when you simulate your wrestling match in a specialized Major Mindset Sports Hypnosis session.

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Sports Hypnosis for Competitive Swimming

Build Confidence, Improve Time, Gain Momentum

Focus on your success with Major Mindset Hypnosis-Counseling for high school and college swimming. Increase confidence, drop time and gain momentum through special hypnotic techniques from Major Mindset Sports Hypnosis. Physical practice when combined with a focused mental game, in Major Mindset Hypnosis, builds self-confidence and improves self-esteem.  Improve your practice routine with personalized hypnotic techniques. Take your swimming to the next level. Major Mindset Sports Hypnosis is advanced coaching for both men’s (boy’s) and women’s (girl’s) competitive swimming.

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Sports Hypnosis for Gymnastics & Cheerleading

Eliminate Tumble Blocks, Improve Self-Confidence

Eliminate tumble blocks and improve self-confidence with Major Mindset Sports Hypnosis. Take your sport to the next level by drawing on past successes and eliminating all doubts. Upsets from losses, fears from injuries and hurtful words from coaches and sometimes even teammates no longer need to remain stains on subconscious thought. These negative stains can be removed from your subconscious with Major Mindset Sports Hypnosis. Learn more with free phone consultation with Board Certified Hypnotist Robert Bruckner.

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