Robert A. Bruckner, BCH

Board Certified Hypnotist

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Lose Weight -- No Willpower Required -- Hypnosis Counseling

The Only Weight Loss Program with a Guarantee!

Hypnosis 1-2-3 for Weight Loss

Guaranteed Weight Loss in 3 to 5 Major Mindset Hypnosis Sessions

Get Hypnotized, Lose Weight! With Major Mindset 1-2-3 for Weight Loss Success, your weight loss is guaranteed. Start the program with as little as $199 and see the pounds come off almost immediately. This is a special direct-suggestion hypnosis program for adults only. Learn more with a free phone consultation with the hypnotist. Certain conditions & limitations apply. Please call to see if you qualify for this program.

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Virtual Surgery for Weight Loss

The "Surgery" That Takes Place in Your Mind, not Your Body

Shrink the size of your stomach in your mind to eat less and lose more weight. In hypnosis, your stomach becomes the size of a golf ball and you always eat less. Absolutely no willpower required. No required or banned foods. No shots. No pills. Buy your food at the grocery store and frequent whatever restaurant you desire. Bon Appetite!

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"Weigh Easy" Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Revolutionary Habit Changing Hypnosis Program

It’s Weigh-Easy to lose weight with Major Mindset Hypnosis. No willpower required.No drugs. No shots. No pills. And, the best part about Weigh-Easy is that you eat real food each and every day. You can even eat ice cream, pizza, pasta and all the comfort food you like. No restrictions! Get Hypnotized, Lose Weight!

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The Hypnotic Balloon for Weight Loss

The Hypnotic Balloon is an in-office procedure that places a virtual balloon inside your stomach so you feel full and lose weight.

Children's Weight Loss Program

Help your child slim down easily and effortlessly. Special Major Mindset Hypnosis-Counseling Weight Loss Program for children & teens.

Diabetic Weight Loss Program

Learn special hypnotic techniques to lose weight and manage diabetes. Major Mindset Hypnosis complements the medical care you are receiving from your doctor.