Is hypnosis safe for children?


Is hypnosis safe for children? Yes! Absolutely!

Children are in hypnosis more often than you think. Young children go into hypnosis when they watch television or play a video game. They watch a movie and get scared even though what they’re watching is merely a cartoon! Through hypnosis, children can get rid of fears, anxious feelings and become more able to concentrate and focus. Often, a combination of events can create false feelings that lead to inaccurate conclusions. We learn what is really going on in the subconscious mind, when in hypnosis. With this information, appropriate suggestions are made to build confidence, self-esteem and to remove and eliminate those subconscious feelings that inhibit the desired behavior, feeling or attitude. In hypnosis, we learn about the feelings that are inhibiting us, whether these feelings are correct or unfounded. This is true for children as it is for adults. Hypnosis is totally safe. It is simply a way to make important and difficult changes from within ourselves. Major Mindset Hypnosis can help children and teens with academic challenges, behavior and attitude issues, migraines, headaches and other medical conditions (with a medical referral), anxious or nervous feelings and many other concerns. Parents are usually encouraged to remain with their children during the hypnosis session.