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Virtual Strength Training

Your Hypnotic Workout for Strength Training

Special Programs for Adults, Teens & Young Athletes

Virtual Strength Training & Workout – using hypnosis you see your body get stronger as you become a fierce competitor. Every athlete knows the importance of strength training and conditioning. Every athlete has a workout routine when in season and another for when he or she is out of season. And, if you are a youth athlete, you may be beginning good workout habits, listening to coaches and following in the footsteps of older athletes, (maybe older brothers or sisters, parents) who guide you in the proper exercise for your age and body. Through Major Mindset Sports Hypnosis, virtual conditioning uses the power of the mind to transform the body. Get Stronger with a Better Workout from Major Mindset Sports Hypnosis.

Gain Confidence Through Virtual Practice Sessions

Simulated Practice Improves Performance & Gains Confidence

Eliminate Fearful Thoughts, Anxious & Nervous Feelings – using Major Mindset Hypnosis you will overcome all anxious and nervous feelings and fearful thoughts regarding your sport or anything else. Whether you are in a batting slump, having difficulty dropping time when running or swimming or you just have trouble executing the right wrestling moves on the mat, getting on top of your game or ready for your next match could be as easy as flipping the hypnotic switch. Become empowered with special hypnotic triggers that you fire before and during your match to eliminate fearful thoughts or unwanted anxious or nervous feelings. With Major Mindset Sports Hypnosis you become a better athlete because you are more prepared physically and mentally for any challenge that comes your way. Winning can be emotional, as can losing. Working through these feelings and emotions is key to sports success and in the case of student-athletes, academic success. Major Mindset Sports Hypnosis works with individual athletes to bring them success in their sports, academics and in life. Be Your Best with Major Mindset Sports Hypnosis.

Strength Training for High School Football Players

Hypnosis for High School Football Players

Getting stronger for football is all too important for high school and college level athletes. The right workout program needs to be healthy, doable and supervised. Lifting weight isn’t something to be taken lightly. How well you train can not only effect how well you play your sport but how well you can sustain and prevent injury. Major Mindset Sports Hypnosis will give you the tools you need to take your practice to the next level. Be stronger. Play better. Improve your practice and your game with Major Mindset Sports Hypnosis for high school athletes.

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Virtual Wrestling Match Simulator

To be a top competitor, you must minimize your own mistakes and exploit those of your opponent’s.   Wrestling requires a degree of nimbleness or quickness. The wrestler must think on his feet and act intuitively or risk losing his match. The Major Mindset Hypnosis Wrestler’s Choice Program for Wrestling Hypnosis attenuates the skills and behaviors necessary to win highly competitive wrestling matches. The program’s focus is on visualizing and executing wrestling moves, strength training and proper nutrition. Wrestling Hypnosis is virtual wrestling that happens in your subconscious mind. Wrestling Hypnosis automates wrestling moves so you wrestle more intuitively.

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