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Stop Smoking PLUS

Uncomplicating Smoking Cessation for Unbeatable Success

Stop Smoking PLUS

Stop Anxious Feelings & Stop Smoking


The Major Mindset Hypnosis Stop Smoking PLUS Program to Stop Anxiety & Stop Smoking. It is the only smoking cessation program that addresses anxious feelings and the main reasons for  your smoking habit. The Major Mindset Hypnosis Stop Smoking PLUS Program eliminates or greatly reduces stress and tension — the primary causes of a smoking habit. This particular program first addresses the stress and tension. Then, it goes after stopping the smoking activity. This is a one-two punch to bring the smoking habit to a complete STOP! Now you can stop smoking anxiety relief with Major Mindset Hypnosis.

Cravings, urges, headaches and all the side effects of nicotine withdrawal are addressed in these smoking cessation sessions. The program is typically five to eight Major Mindset Hypnosis Stop Smoking PLUS sessions. This program is ideal for those who have been smoking for 10 years or more, have to cope with extensive stress related situations or other problems that must be addressed in order to move forward with smoking cessation. Stop Smoking PLUS can also address weight loss related concerns.

Client must qualify for this special and unique Major Mindset Hypnosis program. Additionally, a referral from a physician for hypnosis, may be required.

Smoking Addiction?

Get Control of Stress, Cravings & Urges

Nicotine Addiction is deadly! Now you can overcome your addiction through Major Mindset Hypnosis. Special Major Mindset Hypnosis hypnotic techniques can end your cravings, urges and stress when you quit smoking. This special Major Mindset Hypnosis program addresses your feelings first. In some cases your subconscious receives pleasure from your smoking habit. After a Major Mindset Hypnosis Smoking PLUS session, it won’t! Major Mindset Hypnosis brings your nicotine addiction to a halt and makes you a Non-Smoker.