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Hypnosis for High School Football Teams

Sports Hypnosis for High School Football

Improve Your Team's Play Through Sports Hypnosis

Sports Hypnosis for High School Football — Sports Hypnosis for high school football teams works! If you coach high school football, getting all your players to play well together can be a challenge. But, it can be a whole lot easier with hypnotic techniques to improve cohesion and play. Get players to play intuitively, making great football moves. Improve your quarterback’s passing game. Get better pass protection through bolstering your players’ blocking abilities through hypnotic techniques Players typically know what to do on the conscious level. Major Mindset Hypnosis gets these skills ingrained in the subconscious mind so players apply these skills intuitively.

Better Football Coaching with Sports Hypnosis

Highly Motivate Players, Improve Football Play, Win More Games!

Do you coach young football players at the varsity high school level or below? You may be a teacher in a school system or just a USA Football coach helping out in a recreational football program. It really doesn’t matter, because Major Mindset Sports Hypnosis techniques are specifically designed for high school, middle school and even younger football players. Through Major Mindset Sports Hypnosis you can motivate and teach football players to play at their best. Yes, you will win more games when you get beyond what is holding your players back. And, you will win more games when the coach has less stress through Major Mindset Hypnosis Stress Reduction Techniques.

Major Mindset Sports Hypnosis removes negative stains from the subconscious mind. If you have a losing record, Major Mindset Sports Performance can help you turn everything around and begin winning games again. Your team can work with the Major Mindset Sports Hypnosis Virtual Simulator to practice football moves and become stronger and tougher football players. Major Mindset Hypnotic Techniques can revise and reframe difficult football games and recharge each player’s confidence level. For example, your receiver who keeps dropping the football, can see himself holding onto the ball and running it in for a touchdown! Your quarterback feels less pressure and throws the ball more accurately because he practiced it in the Virtual Football Game Simulator. Your players will improve their football skills, strengthen their bodies and their mental abilities to perform well on the football field, in the classroom and most importantly in life. Give your team a winning edge with Major Mindset Sports Hypnosis for individual players, coaches and teams. Play at your best and win more games with Major Mindset Sports Hypnosis.

Hypnosis for Kickers

If you are a special teams player like a kicker, you know that you are special. You are special because everyone counts on you to score that field goal. Your kick could be the difference between winning or coming up short. Major Mindset Hypnosis has hypnotic techniques to help you focus and concentrate on your specialized play. The Virtual Football Simulator will allow you to practice kicking the football in your mind and internalize the correctness of your physical practice so that you are improve your ability to score field goals.

Hypnosis for Quarterbacks

Scrambling in the pocket, looking for the open receivers, firing a bullet and moving the chains is what you do best as a quarterback. You know the football field, you call the plays, you make all the right football moves. And, you can do it all in the Major Mindset Hypnosis Virtual Football Game Simulator, first! Then, make it happen, despite all adversity, come game time. You’re the player in charge — you’re the player who makes all the right moves. So, let’s remove all the insecurities due to negative imprints on your subconscious mind.