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Stop Smoking with Hypnosis 1-2-3

Stop Smoking in 3 Hypnosis Sessions



Stop Smoking Hypnosis — Now you can stop smoking in as few as 3 Major Mindset Hypnosis Session. Unlike the 1-Session Hypnosis Program, everyone over 21 years of age qualifies. (Major Mindset Hypnosis has special smoking cessation programs for teens.) Hypnosis 1-2-3 makes it easy to stop smoking. Here’s how it works:

Phase 1

First, you eliminate the smoking habit completely. By the end of the first session or phase, you will have absolutely no desire to smoke a cigarette. You will look at a cigarette and be absolutely repulsed by it. If you smell a cigarette, you will vomit. If you touch a cigarette you will feel very uneasy. Cigarettes are no longer your friend; instead, they’re your enemy!

Phase 2

Second, you are re-routed and repositioned so you get wired differently. No longer do you place yourself in a “smoking position.” You continuously, easily and effortlessly, go about your day cigarette-free. You begin to hang out with non-smokers instead of smokers. You start going out for walks, exercising more at the gym or changing your routine in meaningful ways because you now live your life as the non-smoker who you have become.

Phase 3

Third, and finally, cravings and urges that come and go are now completely eliminated. Your feelings, attitudes and behaviors have completely changed. Your subconscious mind keeps you on the right path and begins to enjoy having you be a non-smoker. You no longer think about “missing a cigarette.” Instead, you love life even more, have better relationships and live a fuller, more robust life. You are truly, now, a non-smoker and have the body and lungs to prove it. You feel great. You are no longer nervous or anxious and everyone around you is happy that you are now living a smoke-free, cigarette-free life.

Stop Smoking & Be More Social

Smoking Isn't Cool!

Going out with friends and socializing is more fun when you interact in a smoke-free environment. Smoking cigarettes stops the conversation and impedes the kindling of meaningful, healthy and productive relationships. Through Major Mindset Hypnosis, young people learn conversation starters and a host of hypnotic techniques to improve self-confidence and enhance self-control to become smoke-free, cigarette-free and alcohol free. Stop Smoking through Major Mindset Hypnosis and experience a higher degree of self-confidence and improved interpersonal relationships.