Take Your Play to the Next Level

Improve Your Workout & Your Game with Major Mindset Sports Hypnosis

Sports Hypnosis Improves Play, Attitude & Confidence. Take your game to the next level with Major Mindset Sports Hypnosis. Whatever your sport may be, get the edge you need to become a top athlete. With Major Mindset Sports Hypnosis, you get hypnotic practice, improve strength training and workouts and a truly unfair advantage over your competition. No more batting slumps for baseball players, runners and swimmers make better times, football players and wrestlers get stronger and tougher faster and it goes on and on and on so that you win, win, win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Improve your game with Major Mindset Sports Hypnosis. Use the power of your subconscious mind to become the better competitor. Learn how to go deep into trance to pull out your best game or match. Use the Major Mindset Virtual Game Simulator to make for the very best practice and the most perfect game.

Major Mindset Sports Hypnosis Sessions are customized to each athlete’s individual needs. Programs typically center around improving match/play performance. Athletes use our amazing virtual game simulators to re-think a previous match, gain better ball, stick or puck command (soccer/lacrosse/hockey), be able to recall the most perfect game/match ever and transfer that high energy, high confidence and best game strategy to the very next contest. Major Mindset Sports Hypnosis removes all the heartache from a less than perfect performance so that the serious athlete rebounds and becomes an even better competitor. With the Major Mindset Virtual Game Simulator, athletes can view their play and correct it through hypnosis. With Major Mindset Sports Hypnosis you improve your skills and play so you win more and lose less. Programs are developed for individuals and entire teams. Sports Hypnosis is for youth athletes, high school and college athletes as well as semi-professional and professional athletes.