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Sexuality and Hypnosis

Sexuality & Hypnosis

Improved Intimacy

Travel deep inside your subconscious mind and discover your true feelings about everything that concerns you – even your sexuality or sexual orientation. Board Certified Hypnotist Robert Bruckner can help you examine your sexuality and feelings through hypnosis. In this special  hypno-counseling session, you will go deep within your subconscious to discover anxious or nervous feelings that may eclipse or promote sexual thoughts, feelings and attitudes.

When you work with Board Certified Hypnotist Robert Bruckner, you are working with a hypnotist, not a psychologist or social worker with some preconceived notion of who you are and how you ought to behave or feel. Your feelings matter. And you explore them with a trained listener who will help you to become aware of your conscious and subconscious desires. Now you can become who you wish to be. Now you can explore your inner thoughts without fear of what others might think. No judgments. No strong talk. No lectures. Become who you wish to be. Explore private and intimate thoughts, judgment free! Yes, in hypnosis, you can try on your feelings and even your fantasies. In fact, you can have your very own adventure and explore fantasies safely and confidentially.

Alternatively, you can explore true feelings and get better in touch with your true self. Hypnosis is a powerful modality that allows you to explore avenues that you never wish to talk about.

All sessions are completely confidential. Please note that Major Mindset Hypnosis does not provide medical advice and does not treat medical or mental disorders.

Major Mindset Hypnosis can help you explore your sexual orientation and feelings towards sexuality. By examining your sexual orientation, you may or may not modify your feelings or outlook. The session is not designed to change or confirm your sexuality; rather, the focus is on you exploring your feelings and discovering your personal outlook. It can help strengthen your ego, improve relationships and help you to be true to yourself. It’s not therapy of any kind. It’s hypnosis and it’s all about your ideas, your feelings and personal desires. Get true to your feelings by finding your true self with Major Mindset Hypnosis. It’s not psychology. It’s hypnosis and our sessions are all about your feelings, thoughts and desires. There’s no strong talk and the only thoughts that are discussed are yours. Explore your sexuality and sexual orientation with Major Mindset Hypnosis and be true to yourself. All sessions are completely confidential.

Is something stopping you from becoming more intimate with a certain someone? Do you struggle with having intimate relations or are you finding it more difficult to get involved in a certain relationship? Are you concerned about a certain relationship? Are you just not feeling well enough to perform sexually? Are you nervous or anxious about a certain relationship? Are you concerned about your own infidelity or other issues involving your marriage or other relationship? Now you can explore these questions, including questions with respect to sexuality and sexual orientation in Major Mindset Hypnosis. Through Major Mindset Hypnosis you will discover the feelings that you have on the subconscious level. These are the feelings that never get to speak. Learn more with a free and confidential phone consultation with the hypnotist.

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Information provided will not be shared with third parties. Hypnosis is NOT a substitute for Medical Care.