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Lose Weight — Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotic Bypass Surgery makes it possible for just about anyone to lose weight. There are no shots, pills, complicated diets to follow. You get to eat what you want, whenever you want. And, that’s the key. You just won’t be capable of over eating because your subconscious mind will be of the belief that your stomach has shrunk. Lose weight safely through Major Mindset Hypnosis, Fairfield, New Jersey, 07004.

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Major Mindset Hypnosis works with your subconscious mind so that you lose weight easily and effortlessly. The Weigh-Easy weight loss program is a diet that doesn’t think it’s a diet. There’s just so much good food to eat that once you start, you’ll never go back to your old eating habits. You will enjoy eating well and living a healthy stress-free lifestyle. Yes, it all can be done. It’s Weigh-Easy!

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Get a custom hypnotic weight loss program tailored to your needs and lifestyle at no extra charge. Hypnotist Robert Bruckner will create a personalized program based on one of the six Major Mindset weight loss programs or design a totally new program that will work for you. Learn More

Major Mindset Hypnosis has a special program to help children and teens lose weight. The program emphasizes proper eating habits and daily exercise. Learn More

The Monkey Diet Weight Loss without Willpower Hypnosis Program from Major Mindset Hypnosis is brand new. And, you lose weight cause you are eating well in your very own rainforest. You will go ape over all the fruits and vegetables that you can eat on the new Monkey Diet. Learn More

Hypnosis can complement the treatment that you receive from your doctor. The Major Mindset Hypnosis program for those with Diabetes can help manage your sugar and improve your diet. A referral from your doctor is required for this Major Mindset Hypnosis weight loss program. Learn More

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