Robert A. Bruckner, BCH

Board Certified Hypnotist

Phone: (973) 370 - 2100

Hypnosis for Special Needs Children

Whether your child has a confirmed or unconfirmed learning challenge, Major Mindset Hypnosis and Tutoring can provide coping methods and enhanced, specialized support. Major Mindset Hypnosis provides hypnosis for special needs children. Give your child the tools he or she needs to do well in his or her classes. Many learning challenges can be overcome through tutoring and hypnosis. All children learn differently. Major Mindset Hypnosis helps special needs children through Academic Hypnosis. Students with many different types of learning disabilities including some on the autism spectrum have benefited tremendously from Major Mindset Hypnosis learning techniques.

Hypnotist Robert Bruckner is a certified teacher with over 17 years experience helping students of all ages. All hypnosis is really self-hypnosis. When a child daydreams, listens to a story, or finds himself within his thoughts, he’s experienced hypnosis. Moving a child or young adult from academic anxiety to academic confidence is the first step in overcoming learning challenges.

Hypnotist Robert Bruckner has been extremely successful helping children and adults with Attention Deficit Disorder, Auditory & Visual Processing Disorders, Asperger’s Syndrome, and many other learning disabilities. While Major Mindset does not treat these disorders, many children and adults have found hypnotic techniques helpful to their academic success. Learn how your special needs child can be helped with Major Mindset Hypnosis. Call Hypnotist Robert Bruckner for your free over the phone telephone consultation at (973) 370-2100.

Hypnotic Techniques Improve Focus

Coping Mechanism ADD/ADHD

Major Mindset Hypnosis has special hypnotic techniques to improve your ability to concentrate and focus. These special hypnotic techniques work regardless of whether or not you have been diagnosed with an attention deficit disorder (ADD/ADHD). It doesn’t matter if you are simply inattentive or hyperactive, the techniques work, just the same. Everyone can benefit — children, teens and adults use these special techniques to improve academic or workplace performance.

Coping Mechanisms for Dyslexia

Improve Reading Abilities

Do the letter fly around and play tricks on you? Well, Major Mindset Hypnosis can show you a couple of hypnotic techniques to make reading easier. It’s frustrating to have reading challenges. But, be frustrated no more. Learn some great coping mechanisms for Dyslexia and improve your reading and reading comprehension. It’s not therapy and you can combine your hypnosis sessions with Major Mindset Academic Tutoring.

Academic Empowerment

Academic Counseling

Get inspired and become self-confident. Learning new things can be fun and interesting when you sport a great attitude and have great coping mechanisms to overcome learning challenges. Major Mindset Hypnosis has a host of hypnotic techniques that make learning much easier. Overcome learning challenges, no matter what they may be. See yourself take control of your learning. It is all possible through Major Mindset Hypnosis for Academics.

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