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Children’s Weight Loss Program

Quite simply, being overweight is unhealthy. It is unhealthy for adults and it is just as unhealthy for children and teens. Good eating and exercise habits go a long way towards preventing obesity and the diseases that are most often associated with it. For most children and teens, a well balanced diet and about an hour of exercise each day can restore a child or teen to an appropriate weight and eliminate obesity. Major Mindset Hypnosis is committed to helping children and teens overcome childhood obesity.

Eating healthy does not mean that the food doesn’t taste good! Most kids who learn to eat healthy, enjoy their food even more. When you eat right and become fit, you reduce the likelihood of getting sick. Proper nutrition is important and eating well can be a lot of fun. Fruits, vegetables, proteins and even some fats are all important parts of your diet.

For more information about this program or the many other children’s programs at Major Mindset Hypnosis, please contact us at (973) 370-2100. Please note that a referral from a physician may be required prior to beginning a Children’s Weight Loss Program at Major Mindset Hypnosis.

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The Monkey Diet for kids and teens is here! Rainforest Weight Loss Solutions from Major Mindset Hypnosis is now available for children and teens. The rainforest is the place to go to for health and happiness. It is an enchanted world of fun, magic and above all, it is a place for health and happiness. The rainforest has magical potions and wizards that children love to play with and explore the jungle with. The wizards serve as guides that move the children to the proper weight by allowing them to explore feelings, attitudes and thoughts in a safe and supportive environment. The venue of the jungle moves the child into hypnosis by transforming him into his own avatar or computer character. This transformation is done in hypnosis just as it always is done when a child watches television or plays a video game. The child moves through his or her concerns and teaches about proper nutrition, exercise and weight control in a fun and caring way. The child works one-on-one with the hypnotist during a regular hypnosis session. Then, the child is given an mp3 recording to listen to between lessons. There is also a short assignment that is to be done between sessions. The program’s focus is on weight loss issues that relate to children. However, every Major Mindset program is tailored to the individual needs of the client. The primary difference between the adult and child program is the emphasis on physical fitness and remaining healthy for children and the avoidance of diseases for adults.

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